Friday, April 17, 2015

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy weekend!  The weather looks beauuutiful and I just won VIP tickets to the Earth Day Concert on the Mall, so I'll be spending all my time outdoors.  There's also my soccer game and a girls' brunch on Sunday, so it should be a good one.  

Enjoy whatever you get up to!

The 50 best films of the decade, so far, Part I and Part II.  I've seen some of these, and totally agree.

The Myth of Police Reform.

Katie Nolan is my hero.

If this isn't an argument for raising the minimum wage, I don't know what is.

What does gun violence cost the average taxpayer?

Thinking of starting a yoga practice?  Here are some etiquette tips.

Fascinating look at genetics vs. society.

Most highly anticipated movies at the Tribeca Film Festival, or, more accurately, what I will be watching when they show up on Netflix in 12-18 months.

Some Orthodox men claim that they cannot sit next to women on planes, leading to awkward interactions.  If that's the case though, maybe the men should offer to move seats, rather than expecting the women to do so.

2014's most banned books. You know, because reading things that are different from your own life is dangerous.

Turn my curling iron into a curling wand?  I don't really know the difference between those two things, but I might give it a try this weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Four on Thursday

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  It's dress season, despite those pasty white legs of yours mine.  This poplin shift from Old Navy is my ideal for summer dressing.  Throw it on and go.  It comes in a couple colors and patterns, but I'm partial to this red print that is currently $15.  

2 // Speaking of cute dresses, I've had this tee dress in my wishlist for months and it finally went on sale.  It's the perfect dress for Saturday afternoons, paired with sneakers or with flat sandals.  I love the gray marled print and the cuffed detail on the sleeves.

3 //  Marble is the next big thing, what did I tell you?  These studs are an easy way to incorporate the trend into your look without going crazy.  I'd like these to dress up for a summer wedding or even for a nice outdoor brunch, but only if the mimosas are bottomless.

4 //  Forever 21 is killing it with their accessories lately.  This baby blue crossbody is a stunner and looks way more expensive than it is.  It's structured, has great details, and is still a good enough size that you can tote around your necessities.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rocksbox Review

About a dozen or so bloggers that I follow were recently offering one month of Rocksbox free with a code, so I caved and signed up for it.

The concept is really simple.  For $19/month, you get three pieces of jewelry that you can keep for as long as you want (and even opt to purchase if you so choose) until you're sick of them and then you send them back and get three new pieces.

Not too shabby.

You start by filling out a style questionnaire to help the Rocksbox stylists pick pieces you'll actually like.  The questions are straightforward.  Gold or silver?  Statement or dainty?  And there are a couple times where you pick the look or piece that you like best.

I was really happy with the items I received.  There was a statement necklace by Trina Turk (soooo pretty and soooo expensive).  I've worn it quite a few times already, both to work and on the weekend.  I would never spend $150 on a necklace, so it's cool to sort of rent one.  There was also a daintier necklace by Gorjana.  It's slightly edgier than what I normally wear, but I like its simplicity and I've been wearing it on an almost daily basis.  Last but not least were a great pair of stud earrings by Perry Street.  They're simple, but also blingy if that's possible.

Rocksbox really exceeded my expectations, and considering I tend to be pretty cynical about stuff like this, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.  My stylist picked pieces that I'm actually wearing and I can't really complain about paying $19 a month.

*This post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Rocksbox.  I just really liked the experience and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  All opinions are my own, because who else's would they be?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leather for Spring

Jacket: Wilson's Leather (similar); Top: via TJ Maxx; Denim: via MyHabit; Boots: Nine West (sold out, similar here on sale); Clutch: LL Bean (similar); Necklace: Gorjana via Rocksbox (very similar); Earrings: c/o South Moon Under (similar); Shades: Ray Ban

I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and talk about being "busy".  Yes, I know, everyone's doing it.  And now we're into the backlash of busy, because really, what are we all so busy doing?

I'm busy, but I feel like I'm not busy doing anything, I'm just busy existing.  Between commuting, work, workouts, cooking, cleaning, and trying to blog before bed, my days are gone before I know it and I pass out after reading two pages of my book.  And all those things I am doing are just the bare minimum.  I'm not even taking on anything extra.

Obviously I could cut back on things.  But what?  Working out needs to stay because I'm pushing 30 and my metabolism is crashing and burning.  Cooking needs to stay because it's both healthy and budget-friendly.  Blogging is the only thing that I would consider a hobby and I suppose that could go, but I still love doing it. 

Is there a solution?  Other than just feeling burnt-out, but powering through anyway?  

Friday, April 10, 2015

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Wishful thinking...

Ellen Pao may have lost her case, but it did draw attention to soft sexism.

DT and I have been watching Orphan Black and it is fantastic, mostly due to the incredible work of Tatiana Maslany.  She plays almost a dozen characters and yet I find myself forgetting that each one is played by the same actress.

Irish names are some of the prettiest and also the hardest to pronounce.  Niamh is my favorite.

Heartbreaking and frustrating. 

As I told my friend after he sent me this article, Jeremy Irons knows how to procreate.

Orange is the New Black is almost back and here's the trailer to prove it.

The same goes for True Detective.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Four on Thursday

Clockwise from Top Left: 

1 //  How much workout gear is too much?  I think we all know that there's no such thing as too much.  With that in mind, I may need to add this tank to my rotation.  I'm into the higher neckline and it comes in so many great colors.

2 // One item that I'm definitely in need of is a weekender.  I love my rollerboard carry-on, but for quick weekend trips in the car, I like a big duffel bag instead.  This one from LL Bean is a bit of a splurge, but I know it will last forever.  The navy is gorgeous and the leather detailing makes this look very high end.

3 //  On the basics side, my white blazer gave out last spring and hasn't been replaced yet.  I like the slightly oversized, slouchy look of this one from Nordstrom.  The price tag isn't too bad either.

4 //  Finally, with wedding season on the horizon, that means lots of weddings and parties and showers and other miscellaneous events, so it's pretty dress time.  My eye has been on this stunning lilac dress with a killer back detail.  It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Currently Reading

1 // 2 // 3

Far North by Marcel Theroux - Makepeace lives in Siberia, the last bastion of the earth.  After catastrophic events that led many to flee to the Far North, Makepeace may now be the one of the last of mankind.  Against this harsh backdrop, Makepeace works mainly on survival, hunting and growing food, and also saves books from being burned as fuel, hopefully for a future where books have meaning again.  This novel is brutal, haunting, and dark.  Makepeace overcomes again and again, but how much can one person take?  

Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle - My brother and mom both read this recently and raved about it, so I stole it from them the last time I was home.  The author, John Darnielle, is a member of the band The Mountain Goats.  Our narrator, Sean, lives in Southern California.  At the age of 17, there was an incident which completely disfigured him.  To pull himself out of that darkness, Sean creates mail-in role-player games.  Customers mail in their choices and Sean responds with a new set of turns for them to take.  This goes over well and is even somewhat successful, until two players take the game into their real lives and disaster strikes.  The book works so well less because of the plot, although it is fascinating, but because of the writing.  It's unlike any other style of writing I've read.  There were sentences and turns of phrase that I had to go back and read over and over again because they were so strangely beautiful.  

Bird Box by Josh Malerman - Another recommendation from my mom, Bird Box exists in a future where people have started to kill themselves after the see, well, something.  Not long ago, Malorie and her sister hole up in their apartment, blacking out the windows, but circumstances caused Malorie to strike out on her own, heading to a safe house she had read about.  In present day, Malorie and her two children, Girl and Boy, have left the safe house and are making their way down the river, blindfolded, to hopefully find something better. I've got about 100 pages left, but I'm really enjoying the story, both what unfolded in the safe house, and watching Malorie try to save herself and her children. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fur on Red

Sweater: J. Crew (old, like this one); Vest: Gift (sleeker version here); Denim: via MyHabit (similar on sale); Tote: Street Level (current version); Boots: Stuart Weitzman (sold out, dying for these); Earrings: Unknown (similar here or here); Shades: Ray Ban

If the stars align as they should, this will be the last of the cold weather outfits to be seen for a looong time.  As much as I love my chunky knits and fur vest, it's time for them to retire for a bit.

What else is going on?  I got a little trim last night, so my hair is looking fresh to death.

And other than that, no news is good news!

Stripes on Mint

Blazer: Zara (current version); Top: Iris & Ink (sold out, similar); Denim: DL1961; Booties: LL Bean (old, splurge or save); Tote: Old Navy (current version); Necklace: Forever 21 (love this one); Shades: Ray Ban

Well.  Easter turned into a nine hour epic extravaganza of a dinner party.  I'm currently at my desk, drinking all of the fluids to both hydrate myself and stay awake because girl could really use a nap right about now.  

Friday, April 3, 2015

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Hey, it's Friday!  That's good.

Because it's Good Friday, get it?

Did you graduate from college in 2008 like I did?  Congrats, we're screwed forever!

If you live in DC, take a minute and vote for NoMa's summer screen movies.  The theme is dance flicks, which we all know is the all-time greatest genre.

Sally Draper is the best.  Why?  She's a fully-fleshed out, complicated human person, something that television writers often don't do with children.

As someone who only just got their first credit card, this article about loopholes and point-collecting and traveling for free is fascinating.

Mitch Hedberg has been gone for 10 years?  He is remembered by his fellow comedians.

This week's long read comes to you all the way from 1982!  It's all about the diamond industry and how we've collectively been brain-washed into believing that diamonds are rare and special.

Felicia's posts are always thought-provoking and raw in their honesty.  She writes the way I wish that I could.  Yesterday's post hit me especially hard, as I'm dealing with many of these issues myself.

These girls make car-dancing into an art form.