Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Black & White Paradise

Dress: Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx (similar here or here); Sandals: Forever 21 (similar); Clutch: Kate Spade (love this one); Shades: Ray Ban

I really should book more than one tropical vacation every winter.  These photos are making me desperate to be warm again.

I spent this past weekend in New York City,  which is not tropical this time of year, but was an adventure, as always.  We had an amazing dinner Friday night at Lil Frankie's (including an Amber Tamblyn sighting!), followed by drinks and inappropriate dancing at a bar.  Also at that very same bar?  Crew members from Birdman, as well as the screenwriter, who just so happened to have brought his Oscar out with him.  No big deal.

Saturday we had bagels and mimosas at our Air BnB before checking out the New Museum.  Afterwards, we stopped into Paulaner for beers and snacks and then headed to a hot chocolate festival because why not?  We went back to the apartment to relax a bit and eat tons of cheese, prosciutto, and drink some wine before we went to drag queen bingo.  Yes, you read that correctly and it was incredible.  

After that, there was more pizza.  It is New York after all.  Sunday morning we were somehow hungry again, so we grabbed a great brunch at Northern Spy Food Co.  Their grapefruit ginger mimosa was delicious.  Then it was time to get on the road because the weather was turning.  I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go or something along those lines.  

Until next time, NYC.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Playlist - March 2015

On Friday afternoon, we were driving up to New York for the weekend, discussing how Sunday would be March 1st and how spring comes in March and how the bad weather would stop.  And then on Sunday afternoon, we were driving back to DC in snow flurries, then sleet, then freezing rain, and then just straight up ice.  March - you're better than this.

Friday, February 27, 2015

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Still sick, but heading to NYC this weekend for a girls' trip!  Bagels and pizza cure colds, right?

This trip does mean that I won't be binge-watching House of Cards quite yet.  You take the good with the bad.

The inhumane treatment of prisoners in labor.

This is old news, but the responses from an Academy voter are eye-opening on what's wrong with the process.

Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Sigourney Weaver and it's just as great as you'd hope it would be.,

These pictures of the waves on Nantucket are incredible.  I've never seen anything like it.

This essay from a Muslim woman navigating her religion in the modern world is fascinating.

An HBO mini-series about Gloria Steinem?  Sign me up.

Worst diet ever.  But honestly, finding a mummified monk in the lotus position instead a Buddha statue is pretty insane.

These kids rocking out to Led Zeppelin brought tears to my eyes because it's so awesome.

I can't wait for the final episodes of Mad Men.  These photos are stunning.  How great is Roger's hair?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Four on Thursday

The pile of tissues in my wastebasket is getting ridiculous.  I'm nursing a nasty cold, probably caused by this dumb weather and exacerbated by my going out the past two nights.  I hoped that yoga would help me sweat it out, but that didn't work, so now I'm chugging tea and water, eating lots of fruit, and blowing my nose to the chagrin of my co-workers,  Happy Thursday!

Clockwise from Top Left:

1 //  The chances of me actually buying this dress are slim to none, but isn't it pretty?  I love the cream color, the slightly longer back hemline, and the fun cut-out.  But $200 for one dress is still a little too much for me, even if it was originally $500.  If anyone else wants to buy this and then lend it to me, I'd be really ok with that.

2 //  Here's something I should and very well may buy: fun workout leggings!  I haven't tried any workout tights from Nike before, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the quality is good.  This print is so fun, yet still in neutral colors that will match most of my tops.

3 //  How gorgeous is this pencil skirt?  From the length to the color to the slit, it's damn near perfect.  Now,if only spring would get here so that I could wear it, that would be much appreciated.

4 //  Simplicity is key.  So is versatility.  This easy tank covers both.  It's a perfect basic for everything from the gym to the weekend to a layering piece.  And I bet the jersey fabric is super soft.  This one's a winner.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Currently Reading

Being an adult is great.  You can eat whatever you want, stay up late, and not have to answer to anyone.  You also get hangovers after having three beers.  Womp womp.  I'm not feeling super chipper this morning, but it was worth it to go see Sleater-Kinney last night at the 930 Club.  DT's family is friendly with Carrie Brownstein, so we were able to get on the guest list for last night's show and it was awesome.  It's really inspiring to see incredibly talented women rocking out to a sold out crowd.  If only I was musically talented in any way.  The crowd was into it, the band kicked ass, and I only wish it had gone on longer. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Revival by Stephen King - Revival follows the life of Jamie Morton, a small boy growing up in Maine, as he first meets and then subsequently keeps running into (or being drawn to?) Charles Jacobs, the new pastor in town.  While not one of my favorite King books, I really can't complain about much.  The story is engaging, if a little drawn out at times.  Jamie is a likable character despite his flaws.  Jacobs' story arc is odd, but makes more and more sense as the novel goes on.  There are really good things in Revival, but it didn't quite capture me.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn - I read Gone Girl a long time ago, so it felt like it was time to jump back into Gillian Flynn's work and I'm so glad I did.  Dark Places follows Libby Day, now an adult woman, and the murder of her family when she was only seven years old.  Her brother, Ben, has been in prison for the crime, but as Libby finds herself broke and desperate, she finds a group of morbidly obsessed fans who believe Ben is innocent.  Did Ben do it?  Was there someone else in the house that night?  Libby begins to question her memories.  Told through a mixture of current day detective work and flashbacks to the horrific day the murders took place, Dark Places is full of suspense.  Gillian Flynn goes there (and by there I mean to the most fucked up places you can imagine) and I love that about her.

Raising Stony Mayhall by Daryl Gregory - The humanization or sexification of supernatural beings usually doesn't sit well with me (think Twilight, Warm Bodies, etc).  Vampires, werewolves, zombies want to kill you, eat you, rip you apart.  End of story.  That being said, I really, really enjoyed Raising Stony Mayhall.  During a blizzard one Iowa night, Wanda Mayhall sees a body by the side of the road.  Getting out of her car to investigate, she finds a young woman, dead, but with her body wrapped around a baby.  Wanda takes the baby, hoping that it can be saved.  It is, but not due to any of Wanda's medical knowledge.  The baby is a remnant of the zombie outbreak that occurred back East.  Hiding him from the rest of the world, Wanda and her daughters take him in and raise him as one of them.  There's so much more, capturing all of Stony's life as he navigates the world after he is forced to leave Iowa.  It's a fascinating look at a potential crisis and its' management in a strange new world.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion - I'm planning on doing a longer write-up on this book because it really hit me in a way that I probably should have expected, but didn't.  But for now, let me just say, in the words of my mother, that Joan Didion can write the hell out of anything.  She is incredibly talented, thoughtful, and a truly amazing writer.  The Year of Magical Thinking is no exception.  Written about the year following her husband's untimely death, Didion struggles with grief, with loss, with self-pity.  If you have ever felt any of that, you should read this.  She perfectly describes so many mundane moments, that are personal, but also universal.  Her story is sad, moving, and powerful.  I'm glad that I bought my copy so that I can turn to it again and again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beach Blush

Dress: Forever 21 (sold out, similar); Shoes: Jack Rogers; Clutch: via TJ Maxx (similar); Shades: Ray Ban

Better late than never right, so here's my Valentine's Day post.

DT actually bought me this dress for Christmas, and Valentine's Day on an island seemed like the most appropriate place to bust it out.

In other news, I'm psyched because we're headed to the Sleater-Kinney concert tonight!

And in other, other news, I'm headed to New York this weekend.  If anyone has recommendations on places to eat, drink, dance, I'm all ears!

End random Tuesday rambling post.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bright on Beach

Coverup: Asos (sold out, similar); Bikini: Victoria's Secret (old, current style); Shades: Ray Ban

And here commences the photos to hopefully transport you to a warmer climate or to make you insanely jealous, depending on your perspective.

I packed really light for this trip.  My suitcase only held three bathing suits, two coverups, and some silk dresses for dinner.  It was wonderful.  And really easy to lift into the overhead compartment.

This was my outfit almost every day.  The only thing that really changed was which cocktail was in my sweet insulated mason jar mug.  Pictured: mojito.

Vacations should be relaxing and that's exactly what this one was.  We would wake up slowly, have a leisurely breakfast, get ready for the beach, find ourselves chairs, and then read/nap/swim/drink.  Break for lunch and then repeat.  People have been asking, "what did you do?" and the truth is that we didn't do much of anything.  I'm not much of an adventurer when it comes to beach vacations.  I've always been very comfortable being a beach bum, spending the days in the sun (or more truthfully, in the shade) with a good book and taking breaks to cool off in the ocean.  

I'm actually really, really good at it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hi friends!  I wanted to pop in and tell you that I'm back from vacation, very unhappy with the current temperature, and in total recovery mode.  DT and I went out last night as soon as we got home from the airport and it's safe to say that I'm totally exhausted.

Accordingly, I'm going to take the weekend to relax and to get re-organized.  That will give me time to upload my photos, get them edited, and have lots of jealousy-inducing vacation posts up for you for the next couple weeks.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

And we're off!  Headed down south to the Dominican Republic for some serious relaxation and a respite from the frigid weather.

Everyone have fun at NYFW.  I'll be on the beach with a good book.
April 2014, Ft. Lauderdale

I 'm amazed at how brave Brianna Wu has been during the entire GamerGate situation.

Louis C.K. is my favorite.

How the NFL has really dealt with domestic violence.  Spoiler: not well.

Tennessee drugs tests people who collect welfare, spends more money on tests than on "handouts" to those who use drugs.

As someone who finds themselves doing all of the "office housework", this is a discouraging read.

A fascinating look at how one all-women's college is reacting to its' students who may not be women by the time they graduate.

This jacket is not at all my style, but I love it anyway and want someone to rock it!

Joni Mitchell in all  her weird glory.

Annie Lennox is a fucking goddess.