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Friday, October 24, 2014

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy Friday!  

I Wanna Dance With Somebody is my jam.  This cover is also pretty damn good.

$1 for "artisanal ice" in your cocktail?  DC, we're better than this.

An interesting read on Keene, NH vs. Ferguson, MO.

America, stop trying to make Ebola happen.  It's not going to happen.

Looking for a laugh?  May I suggest this Boston-themed Dark Knight parody?

Little girls saying "fuck".

A new study finds a link between head trauma and domestic violence.  Things just keep getting better for the NFL, don't they?

Heart-breaking stories of conversations that African-American mothers have with their sons.

Thanks to Fox News for reminding me that my one concern in life should be finding a husband who can then tell me how to vote correctly.

New Englanders are crazy and I love that my mom still does this.

Awesome tips on how to create a great home bar and be the perfect host.

Jeff Goldblum forever.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Four on Thursday

Wow, I have been all over the place this week.  Whether it's a workout or a party, I've been there.  And tonight is no exception.  

When did I get so popular?

Friday night will likely be spent at home on the couch with take-out and wine.  And I cannot wait.

In the meantime, here are some stunners in my favorite shades for fall.

1 //  You can do no wrong in a little black dress.  I actually have a similarly cut dress in a marled grey that I am obsessed with and plan to wear all fall and winter long.  The long-sleeves make this great for cooler weather and the asymmetric wrap skirt is a gorgeous detail.

2 //  Burgundy, eggplant, aubergine, cranberry, oxblood etc.  Whatever we're calling it, it's one of my favorite shades for fall.  A dress with a flattering shape like this is a goldmine.  I'd toss on a blazer for work and add a statement necklace for after-work cocktails.

3 //  Hunter green might be my very favorite color to wear in the fall.  For whatever reason, it's never as popular as it should be.  Give me a cable knit turtleneck and I may never take it off.

4 //  And my old standby, navy.  This dress is wonderful.  It has such a unique shape.  I actually imagine layering this over tights and a long-sleeved shirt.  As you may have gathered, I'm a sucker for a high neck.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Currently Reading

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Caught Stealing - Hank is a bartender in New York City and a (mostly) high-functioning alcoholic.  When his neighbor asks him to watch his cat while he goes out of town, things very quickly get very out of control.  With a cast of misfit gangsters, Russian mobsters, and dirty cops all after him, Hank has to adapt to his new lifestyle of being on the run.  This novel is fast-paced, well-written, and tells an incredible story.  I couldn't put this one down.

The Luminaries - Want to feel unaccomplished?  Read a Man Booker prize-winner written by a 26 year old.  The Luminaries is epic.  It's a huge, sprawling novel with a dozens of characters and points of view, all taking place in one small New Zealand town during the gold rush.  I'd share a plot summary, but there's really too much.  It's a rich, deep story based on a death, an attempted suicide (seemingly), and the discovery of a hidden bonanza.  There is identity theft and murder, espionage and a love story.  I really loved the book, but I was amazed that a) it was written by someone so young; and b) that it was written so recently.  It reminded me of a much older style of writing and story-telling.  I need to seek out more of Eleanor Catton's work immediately.

A Drink Before the War - Talk about ultra-violence.  Patrick is born and raised in Southie and has since become a private investigator, partnering up with his childhood best friend Angie.  When a state senator brings them what appears to be a simple case, they take it.  It quickly becomes a much more complicated situation.  Lehane is smart, clever, witty, and perfectly captures the corruption that spreads from the top down.  But damn, there was so much blood.  Brutal, but brilliant.

Mr. Mercedes - Early in the morning, before the sun has even risen, a crowd of people in line for a job fair are run down by a monster of a car.  Almost a dozen die and many more are injured.  The driver is unknown.  Recently retired cop Bill Hodges has this blemish on his record - that he let the Mercedes killer get away.  Deep into the monotony of his retirement (daytime tv, microwave dinners, etc), Hodges begins getting a feel for putting his gun in his mouth.  That is, until he receives a letter from someone claiming to be the Mercedes killer.  What follows is an intense cat and mouse game.  Interestingly, King chooses to give us both the perspectives of Hodge and of the killer himself.  The killer's identity is never a mystery to us, the readers.  To watch these two circling each other was an intense, deeply satisfying story.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Light Layers

Striped Shirt: J. Crew (similar); Chambray: LL Bean (similar); Denim: Guido & Mary via MyHabit (similar); Boots: Nine West (similar); Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

I don't shop much.

That sounds weird coming from someone who styles outfits and takes pictures of them for the internet, but it's true.  Looking at these pictures, the most recent thing in them is the bag, which I got as a Christmas gift last year.  Both shirts have been in my arsenal for a few years, the jeans are a year or two old.  

Then there are the boots.  I bought those babies back in the summer of 2006.  My mom and I had driven down to the Wrentham outlets to do some shopping for my semester abroad in Ireland, which meant I needed a raincoat.  We stopped in Nine West, which just so happened to be having a buy one-get one sale.  These riding boots came in brown and black and clearly, I bought them both.  Best purchase ever.  They've traipsed around Europe on three separate trips, gotten me through winters in Vermont, Massachusetts, and DC, and still look damn good.

They are currently in Maine right now getting a zipper replacement, after which they'll be good for another eight years or so.

Monday, October 20, 2014

First of Fall

Sweater: Zara (similar); Jeans: Guido & Mary via MyHabit (similar); Boots: Nine West (similar); Bag: Phillip Lim for Target; Shades: Ray Ban

This weekend finally felt like fall.  I wore jackets and sweaters and shivered on my walk home Saturday night.  I pulled out my boots and started planning outfits around them.  DT and I crossed streets just to stay in the sunny part of the sidewalk.  We sat on a friend's deck until the sun went down and someone pulled out a space heater.

As much as I'm not looking forward to the truly cold weather, this weekend felt good.

Friday, October 17, 2014

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

I'm doing the big closet switch-over this weekend.  I've got a duffel bag full of boots sitting in the middle of my bedroom and that ish needs to be put away neatly so that I can see and then wear all of it.  It's time for the sandals and wedges to be put away, never to be seen again (until it cracks 60 degrees in April).  And there are some serious holes to be filled in my wardrobe.  How do I not have brown Chelsea boots?  Or comfortable black pumps?  Or plain nude flats?  Luckily, I've got some giftcards burning a hole in my pocket.

The newest season of Top Chef, set in Boston this time around, just started and the kitchen was actually in my hometown.

What I would've done to be able to eat like this as a second grader.

David Chang rallies for excellent bad beer.

Use Snapchat?  You're not as safe as you think.

Glenn Close is amazing (and grew up in a cult!).

For fashion girls everywhere, drunk J. Crew is everything you didn't know you needed.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Four on Thursday

I just spent a solid 90 minutes trying to make these pictures clickable with the proper links and failed miserably.  If you know of a tutorial or have any tips, let me know!

1 //  A leather skirt has been on my fall wishlist.  I was initially leaning towards a pencil skirt, but this very slightly hi-lo version caught my eye. *Update: only size Medium left.

2 //  Tortoiseshell can do no wrong.  This clutch is classic and will match black, brown, white, gray, camel, you name it.

3 // Jacket season!  This cream topper is a perfect addition to any outfit.  The draping in the front is casual, while the jacket itself has some structure to it.  I'd wear this every weekend. *Update: only size Large left.

4 //  Even though the picture doesn't do it justice and you can't tell, these are over-the-knee boots.  I need to replace my old ones and am thinking about going for suede this time.  It's a nice difference in texture and they look extra cozy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases

If you're looking to do some fall shopping between now and Friday, check out Ann Taylor.  I bought all of the items above this morning for less than $200, using the code FALLSALE..  A generous return policy also helps, just in case something that I love online is disappointing in person.

I'll let you know how each item works out as soon as they arrive!

[1] Although I thought I had plenty of white sweaters, a recent look into my cold weather wardrobe told me otherwise.  This mockneck sweater has a tunic length and pockets in the front for a cute detail.

[2] Am I the only one who thinks dresses should either be sleeveless or have long sleeves?  It's a personal preference I suppose.  Regardless, I'm looking to add some long-sleeved dresses to my closet and love the structure of this one.

[3] Speaking of dresses, this 3/4 sleeved navy one looks nearly perfect.  Here's hoping I'm right about that.

[4] A sleeveless sweater sounds counter intuitive, but stay with me.  It's perfect for layering, adding some texture, and giving you that additional warmth when you need it.

[5] I bought a poncho.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mountain Town Wedding Wear

Outfit 1: Tank: Banana Republic; Shorts and Tote: Old Navy (both old); Necklace: Jane; Sandals: Forever 21 (similar); Shades: Ray Ban
Outfit 2: Dress: Forever 21 (love this); Necklace: Rosie & Rockers (similar); Shades: Ray Ban

I'm back!  Long weekends are the best (they are amazing and perfect and there's time to do stuff and be active and also be lazy and relax) and the worst (it's too easy to get used to them).  I'm in recovery mode today.

Packing for my West coast trip a couple weeks ago was an adventure in itself.  There were several events, including a sunrise hike, a wine tasting, a barbeque dinner, plus the rehearsal dinner and actual wedding to pack for.  I don't do checked baggage, so figuring out what to bring that would all fit in a carry-on was difficult.

I stuck with a black, white, and camel color palette, and threw in some green for color.  This meant that everything mixed and matched together and there was no figuring out which top paired with which bottom.  I'm a genius.

Normally, I don't spend quite as much time organizing my suitcase, but it definitely paid off and simplified my trip.  And made getting dressed in the dark at 5am for a sunrise hike much easier that it would have been otherwise.

Friday, October 10, 2014

For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Home sweet home.  I'll be enjoying this weekend by hanging out with my friends, having kitchen dance parties with my mom and brother (and forcing DT to participate), and eating all my hometown favorites.  Be back on Tuesday with some California outfits!

One more from the wedding because there are just too many good ones.

It's sweater season, bitches.  Take some inspiration from the ultimate in sweater fashion.

Where all the money for all that pink NFL gear really goes.

Related: really, Susan G. Komen, really?

I'll probably see this dude a lot while I'm in Boston this weekend.

Got a thick skin?  You're gonna need it.

I had a rough start to the week.  It's good to put things in perspective.

The Irish Goodbye is my favorite move.  It also makes sense culturally.

What? I'm supposed to move to New Hampshire now?

Finally, as I'm turning 29 tomorrow, which is basically thirty, which means life is pretty much over, this video was a really nice way to think about the future.  I'm not done yet!